Friday, March 23, 2012

Words Ending in "eria"

Upon my arrival to Spain I noticed many stores ending in "eria". There is an explanation for this reason.

Many if not all stores have specific names given by the owner, but almost every store is some sort of "eria". This is because "eria" means "store". If you look up "eria" in a Spanish-English dictionary you most likely will not find this translation because the word for store in Spanish is tienda. Therefore, "eria" is a cultural influence and is understood through observation.

Here is a short list of the "eria's" you can find in Spain:
-Fruteria (Fruit and Vegetable store)
-Carnceria (Butcher)
-Pescateria (Fresh Fish Market)
-Paneria (Bakery)
-Cafeteria (Cafe with Coffee)
-Churreria (Churro Store)
-Colchoneria (Mattress Store)
-Zapateria (Shoe Store)
-Peluqueria (Hairdresser)
-Teteria (Tea Shop)
-Joyeria (Jewelry Store)

If that isn't straight forward, then I don't know what is.

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