Friday, March 23, 2012

Los Caballos de Dia de Andulacia

Sometimes, there is no better way to explain something than with a photo.

Flags of Spain and Andulacia

Andalusian with Talent

Side-Saddle Classiness

Bridle Tassels 

Flamenco Dresses & High-Heels

Ladies of the Parade

Horse & Carriage

These photos were taken on the street in front of my apartment. I was in my apartment and heard the sound of a drum roll and commotion from the street. I look out and first see a Marching Band then behind the group was a heard of horses and riders. I quickly threw some clothes on, grabbed my camera, and flew down the stairs. I thought this was some sort of parade for Dia de Andulacia, which is very common for just about every holiday in Spain. Come to find out, the group of riders were headed down to the fair grounds for a horse show in honor of Andulacia. So I ran back up, got ready for the day, and not long later was tearing down the stairs of my apartment building again to join the onlookers at the horse show.

This is what I saw...

A Breath Taking Fresian

Typical Riding Suit

A Cold Beer + A Horse = Bliss

Another Happy Spaniard


Alternating Serpentine

Criss Cross 

Blanco Buddies

Princess Flamenco dancers fighting for the Prince's heart


Typically Spanish Pole Riders

Daughter & Father

How do they keep the horses from tripping on those poles?

Circle Pole Drag

It was a wonderfully unexpected day. Possibly one of the best days I have experienced here in Rota. There were beautiful horses, beautifully dressed people, a short flamenco show before the horse show began, cold beer, good friends, and of course I got my horse fix.

Also, several of my students from my school were riding in the show. Here are two of my students from my First Grade class at San Jose Calasanz. 

Prince Pablo & Me

The Brave Mario and his big horse



  1. I love especially the flamenco women with high heels.Wherever can you find high heels on a horse than here?

  2. I bet you loved the horses! How neat! You look great by the way! Lisa Waters

  3. Dear Meredith
    Visiting your blog has been a pleasure