Friday, March 23, 2012

Arranque de Rota

For Dia de Andulacia in my high school, a group of students learned how to make Arranque. While they did all the hard work of mashing the food, I got to act as a food critic and watched them make the food then was offered several bowls for a tasting. I gave them two thumbs up!

Arranque consists of a Spanish type of green pepper (shown above), garlic, peeled tomatoes, bread-Pan de Pueblo, a few pinches of salt, and olive oil. Simply, you mash everything together including the bread into a bowl, so in the end you have a mush of deliciousness.

Now the question is how do you eat arranque? The answer is "Pan con Pan" meaning "Bread with Bread". Arranque is made with bread but you also scoop the arranque and eat it with bread. Typical Spanish style. They love their bread. I have also eaten it with tortilla chips and a spoon. It's up to you!

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