Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sevillana La Primera!

Tonight I had my first Sevillana class taught by the lovely Pepi inside the garage of her house.

Sevillana is a form of Flamenco created by the Spaniards of Sevilla. This is the type of dance that is common during Feria, a fair for food, horses, Sherry, Flamenco dresses, and socializing. More towns other than Sevilla have Ferias, which will give me the opportunity to put my new dance skills to use come the middle of April until I head home in May.

There are 4 different sequences of the dance, which are usually danced between a man and a woman. Tonight I learned the first sequence, which involves several steps, passes, points, and the most important the grand finale spin ending with an Ole!

I am sharing this wonderful learning experience with my good Swedish friends, Lotta and Tommy, as well as several Americans here in Rota. Tonight was a first for all of us!


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  1. what up Brandon, I am the first one to comment this time.