Thursday, February 23, 2012

El Gallego

After finishing classes at 3:00pm, a group of Castillo de Luna professors and I headed to lunch at the Galician restaurant in town called "El Gallego".

I knew from the beginning that this restaurant was going to be a treat!

Lunch started with a nice cold cana of Estrella Galicia, my favorite beer in Spain. There is nothing like socializing over a good beer. Mercedes, a wonderful friend of mine, ordered all the raciones (portions) for the whole group; 13 total. Lunch began with the typical Croquetas, which are basically creamy delicious balls/nuggets deep fried. They would be very popular in Texas. Next was the mini green fried peppers with sea salt. Delish! I wish we had these in the states. Supposedly during Feria, the famous fair, these are the food staple plus a cana of cerveza. After the mini peppers, was the pulpo, Octopus, drizzled with olive oil with some paprika for seasoning. The way the pulpo is prepared is truly Gallegian. I would love to actually visit Galicia and try this in it's homeland! Next were the orange colored Mejillones in shell. They were much better that I expected, especially with lemon drizzled on them. Then came the salad with toasted goat cheese, bacon, and pine nuts! Yet again delish! Lastly was the carne Roxa, a type of stewed cube meat with garlic and parsley, and of course you can't forget the patatas fritas (fried potatoes)!

At the end I was happily full and feeling very blessed with wonderful people!

...and of courses we made a stop at another cafe to "take a cafelito" (to drink a small coffee).  

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