Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puente de Los Festivos

Compared to the U.S., Spain possibly has triple the amount of Holidays celebrated throughout the year than the U.S, meaning Spain will find even the slightest reason to have a fiesta. The following holidays are a handful of holidays celebrated throughout the year: Dia de la Virgin (each pueblo has one), Dia de Andalucia, Dia de Educacion, All Saints Day, Entire week for Semana Santa, Reyes de Los Magos, and etc. Each one of these holidays are bank and government holidays, meaning the pueblo/ province/ Autonomous Community/ Country is/are shut down.

Yet again Spain is entering a "Puente" weekend, meaning either it is a long-weekend, as we would say in the U.S., or there are holidays within the week. For instance the first week of December 2011 was a puente. We had school Monday, off Tuesday, school Wednesday, and off Thursday. I enjoy the long-weekend puentes more because I find having holidays during the week very inefficient, as well as unmotivating for students to return to school and workers to go back to work. At least on the long weekends people are able to catch "Ryanair" flights to Belgium, Germany, England, France and etc.Normally I try to take advantage of my "Puentes" and travel, but since I am saving up for my trip to London the first week of April; I decided to stick around the Cadiz-Sevilla area and enjoy my time off here.

Let the fiestas commence!

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